Thursday, June 17, 2010

Muffins, and Cookies and Chips .. OH MY!!!!

June 14th
Italy vs. Paraguay……I had a doctor’s appointment and it just so happens to be that my doctors office is located right in the heart of Little Italy… As I park my car on the curb I see the overly enthusiastic Italy fans wearing their flag proudly as the sit and watch the game at the corner pub. Anyway as I wait at for my turn patiently at the office, I’m kept up to date with the score by the roaring of the crowd outside……..Anyway after my appointment was over I strolled the streets with my mother,,,, to buy a Danish or not to buy a Danish.. And the aroma of freshly baked pastries always wins with my inner conscious of trying to maintain a healthy diet.CARBS ARE THE ENEMY. I have will power, I will not succumb to weakness….Is the mentality I start off with during the day, only to finish off the day thinking, oh well I’ll start my deit tomorrow… I’m living in the future because I cannot get a grip on the present… Tomorrow I will take of the world..
Until then…
Chocolate chip cookies anyone?

Friday, June 11, 2010

Gloomy Skies

June 11, 2010..........

Hmm I feel like there is a lot of pressure on me to produce some sort of astonishing, loss for words, heart wrenching first post. Well guess what… I’ll probably fall short to somewhere in between, slightly entertaining to a decent read..(That’s with me being as hopeful as I can be). To be fair I’m not new to the blogging world but I decided to start a new blog that was a little more anonymous, this in turn would allow me to be a bit more candid and a lot more expressive. The less people know about you the easier it is to be honest about your feelings… (That’s right I don’t like dandelions, go ahead and judge me….)

So today is the start of the World cup….. Three cheers for South Africa, big achievement.. Anyway, aside from the opening this morning the games were certainly far from exhilarating. The first game was barely worth watching, but I must admit the 1-1 score was a bit better than the 0-0 score for the second game. I sort of feel like I sat down and wasted a few hours of my life that I could have been easily scratching my butt or maybe even respond to emails that I’ve put on the back burner for years… All that aside today has been a relatively horrid day…..

You see my better half has been a bit down…. I’d like to plead the fifth and pretend like I had nothing to do with it, but the truth is I probably played a bigger role in it than I wish to accept…It’s weird when what you’re so use to changes on you so unexpectedly … That’s what I get for taking what I have for granted I tell you. You see I have this revolting ability to disconnect for all situations. I mean perhaps its useful at times but for the most part it causes me a lot more harm than good. This time around I think I might have done some irreversible damage (stop, rewind, and replace…if only) .. Anyway I shall be patient and hope that it all sorts its self out.. (Does that ever really even happen though) do things just really work themselves out while you sit and watch………………………………………………… and that’s how long I lasted, back to trying to take over the world..

Until next time