Thursday, June 17, 2010

Muffins, and Cookies and Chips .. OH MY!!!!

June 14th
Italy vs. Paraguay……I had a doctor’s appointment and it just so happens to be that my doctors office is located right in the heart of Little Italy… As I park my car on the curb I see the overly enthusiastic Italy fans wearing their flag proudly as the sit and watch the game at the corner pub. Anyway as I wait at for my turn patiently at the office, I’m kept up to date with the score by the roaring of the crowd outside……..Anyway after my appointment was over I strolled the streets with my mother,,,, to buy a Danish or not to buy a Danish.. And the aroma of freshly baked pastries always wins with my inner conscious of trying to maintain a healthy diet.CARBS ARE THE ENEMY. I have will power, I will not succumb to weakness….Is the mentality I start off with during the day, only to finish off the day thinking, oh well I’ll start my deit tomorrow… I’m living in the future because I cannot get a grip on the present… Tomorrow I will take of the world..
Until then…
Chocolate chip cookies anyone?

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